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News & Announcements


  • Due to state and federal guidelines regarding the COVID-19 crisis, the Fund Office is now following such guidelines and is currently closed until further notice.


During the COVID-19 crisis, communicating with the Fund Office via the website or through email will temporarily be the only way that we can respond to you until such time that we reopen. Click here to view the email addresses that will be monitored during this time.


  • Important Notice for Plan C Health & Welfare Participants

The Fund Office does not have the ability to print and mail  coverage change notices at this time. Please login to your account to view the status of your April 1,2020 enrollment.


If you need to appeal a loss of coverage through the IATSE National Health & Welfare Fund, please upload your appeal and email it to appeals@iatsenbf.org. If you have already submitted an appeal via mail to the Fund Office, you can resubmit the appeal by uploading your appeal and emailing it to appeals@iatsenbf.org.


  • IATSE National Health & Welfare Participants:

If you are submitting medical claims for reimbursement on our website while the Fund Office is closed, please login to your account and navigate to the MRP section where you can submit a claim and switch your payment method to direct deposit.  Direct deposit is currently the only way for us to send a payment until the Office reopens.


If you leave the payment method as a check, the Fund Office will be unable to get that payment to you for several weeks. 


If you have any questions or concerns about this, please email claims@iatsenbf.org.


  • In light of the COVID-19 crisis and the economic drain on our participants, the Fund Office will be issuing Vacation Checks to those participants eligible for one, a month early. Checks will be mailed or direct deposited on April 1st instead of early May. We hope this eases some burdens for many of you experiencing hardships due to work shutdown!


  • The National Benefit Funds has waived all fees for COVID-19 testing for all participants enrolled in Plan A and all Plan C options as well as those enrolled in Triple S.


  • Annuity hardship withdrawals have been extended to include a new category of hardship withdrawals to assist those of you who have been affected by COVID-19. You may obtain a hardship distribution up to the amount of your actual loss, but no more than the amount in your account balance that is eligible for a hardship distribution.


In order to obtain a hardship application please email Annuity@iatsenbf.org. Once the application has been completed, you must email the application back to Annuity@iatsenbf.org. Please note that if you mail  your application, there will be a delay in processing.


  • COVID-19 Relief for our Participants Residing in Puerto Rico. Click here to read an important message about Triple S Covid-19 coverage.


  • During this difficult time, with many of us having to be home, medical care and behavioral health care is available by using Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield's LiveHealth Online.  Click here to read an important message regarding the Funds' efforts to enhance Telehealth Benefits to you and your family.  Please click here to read more about the LiveHealth Online service. Download the app and get many of your concerns dealt with from home.


  • An important LiveHealth Online message pertaining to behavioral health for Participants


Click the following link to view the video:  Your guide to mental health services via LiveHealth On-Line