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News & Announcements

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  •  Click here to read the Winter 2018/2019 newsletter from the Fund Office.


  •  Click here to read the Summer 2018 newsletter from the Fund Office.


Hearing Aid discount from Davis Vision

There is a hearing aid discount offered by Davis Vision. To access the discount, please call the number on the EPIC Hearing Aid flyer to obtain the “Referral Activation form” to schedule an appointment. The flyer also contains a Member card to present to the provider. Please click here for more information on this EPIC Hearing Aid discount. 


LiveHealth Online

LiveHealth Online is a quick and easy way to see a board certified doctor or licensed therapist from the comfort and privacy of home. Online visits using LiveHealth Online are a covered benefit under your Empire BlueCross BlueShield health plan and a great way to get quick and easy access to quality medical care when your own doctor isn’t available. Sign up today so you can:
  • Visit with a doctor 24/7: Doctors are available anytime of the day or night to assess your condition, provide a treatment plan and send a prescription to the pharmacy you select, if needed. It’s a great option for care when you have: the flu, pink eye, sinus infection, bronchitis, sore throat, cough, cold, fever, skin infection and more!
  • Talk to a therapist by appointment:  When you’re feeling anxious or need help coping you can now talk to a professional from the comfort and privacy of home in 4 days or less.
So, what are you waiting for – take 3 minutes now to sign up and you’ll save 3 hours later then next time you’re sick!
To learn more about LiveHealth Online – go to livehealthonline.com.