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The answers to frequently asked questions below are general in nature and do not modify the terms of their respective Plans. You should refer to the related Summary Plan Description for more specific information regarding each Fund's Plan.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am a participant of Plan A?

You are a participant in Plan A if your employer contributes to Plan A and you are eligible under the Plan A rules. Participants of Plan A generally work in the live theatre industry under Collective Bargaining Agreements between I.A.T.S.E. and Theatrical Producers, such as the Travelling Employees (or “Pink Contract).

How are contributions to Plan A determined?

The Collective Bargaining Agreements determine the employer contribution rate for each day of your covered employment. However, the employer must meet the minimum daily contribution rate established by the Trustees. The Plan is supported by employer contributions; employees cannot contribute to Plan A.

When do I become eligible for benefits under Plan A?

You must work in “covered employment" and work a minimum of 60 days in a six month period to qualify for coverage under Plan A.

When does my Plan A coverage begin?

Your coverage begins the first of the month following the second month in which you work a minimum of 60 days in Covered Employment within six months or less. For example, if you work 60 days in Covered Employment in the six-month period ending November 30th, your coverage will start January 1st.

Are my dependents also eligible for Plan A benefits?

Yes, your spouse and unmarried dependent children up to the age limit of the Plan, currently the end of the year in which they turn age 26, become eligible when you do. See the Health and Welfare Plan A Summary Plan Description for more information about eligible dependents.

How long does the Plan A coverage continue?

Plan A coverage is granted in six-month blocks. At the end of your six-months of coverage, the Fund Office will look back at the six-month eligibility period ending one month prior to the look back date. For example, if you earned eligibility for coverage January 1 to June 30, the Fund Office would look back at the six-months December 1 through May 31 to see if you worked at least 60 days in Covered Employment. If you meet the 60-day requirement, your coverage continues for another six months.

What benefits are available under Plan A?

Plan A benefits available to eligible participants and their eligible dependents are hospital/medical, prescription drug, dental, vision, and hearing aid benefits. In addition, eligible participants, but not dependents, are covered for life insurance and weekly accident and sickness benefits.

How do I know if I am a Plan C participant?

Plan C participants usually work in the Motion Picture, Television, Commercial and Trade show industries under Collective Bargaining Agreements with I.A.T.S.E. or an affiliated Local that require employer contributions to Plan C.

How are Contributions to Plan C determined?

The Collective Bargaining Agreements describe the employer contribution rate for each unit (day, week, month, or hour) of your covered employment. Some agreements require employer contributions on a percentage of your wages.

Do Plan C employer contributions accumulate in my own account?

Yes, except for the first $150 of employer contributions when you begin to work under a Plan C Collective Bargaining Agreement. Thereafter, contributions made by your employer when you work in covered employment go into your CAPP (Contributions Available for Premium Payments) account. Your CAPP account is central to your eligibility and serves as the payment mechanism for your Plan C benefits.

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