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The answers to frequently asked questions below are general in nature and do not modify the terms of their respective Plans. You should refer to the related Summary Plan Description for more specific information regarding each Fund's Plan.

Top Frequently Asked Questions

If a qualifying expense is not covered in full by my other group coverage, do I have to provide proof of payment to the provider before I can get reimbursed?

No. You only need to submit an explanation of benefits document from your other group coverage and itemized statement from your provider along with a completed and signed MRP Claim form.

Can reimbursement be sent directly to my provider?

No. Payments can only be issued to the participant.

If a claim submitted is more than my available MRP balance, will the remainder be reimbursed once additional funds are obtained?

No. You would have to resubmit the claim again to receive the unreimbursed balance. You would need to complete a new MRP Claim form and submit the original explanation of benefits you received from the Fund Office.

Reminder: Claims must be submitted no more than 12 months from the date of service

What happens if I’m enrolled in the MRP stand-alone option and I don’t utilize the funds in my account?

If there is no activity (contributions received, claim(s) paid, or premium charges) within the past 8 quarters, then all contributions are forfeited. 

If I incurred claims for which I want reimbursement, do I have to be enrolled in the MRP option to make a claim?

Yes. You must be enrolled in the stand-alone MRP option at the time of the claim submission. If you are covered under Plan C1, C2, C3 or C4 and have excess funds in your CAPP account available for reimbursement, then you can submit for reimbursement of claims incurred as long as they are submitted within the 12 month filing deadline. 

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